FAP:O 1.0 – the end

What was I thinking!

I’ve just finished pushing the old FAP:O site into WordPress and, by the way, reading and listening to a few of episodes. I am so impressed! It was a wonderful effort by the photographic community in Ottawa that featured the best of our work and ideas.

FAP:O 1.0 (more about that in a minute) started on December 7th, 2012 with Jim Lamont’s “(Print) Size Matters!” and finished on December 12th, 2015 with Justin Wonnacott’s “What was I thinking!” (echoed above). We had thirty sessions in the three years. I started it with the central idea of “respectful listening”, an idea that I got from the amateur musical community whose open stages are all about giving the artist a chance to grow.

We included all the people I knew and a number that others recommended. We focused almost entirely on amateur artists (the lovers of the art!). We never talked about camera equipment!

Most sessions were recorded by Mike Vuckovic of PhotoKibitz.com and I have to say the history would not be the same without those recordings. Thank you, Mike!

It was a great ride. Thanks to all who participated!

Jake Morrison
September 2019

The Gallery Bar, Lieutenant’s Pump, Elgin Street – 2015

Pressed Urban Sandwich Bar, Gladstone  – 2012-2015

Thanks to our hosts over the years!      

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