FAP:O 1.07 – Filling the vacuum

  • Date: Thursday, June 13th, 2013, 7:00- 9pm
  • Place: Blue Bird Coffee
  • Speaker: None. Jake Morrison started with an introduction
  • Continuation of discussion about the “vacuum” for fine art photography in Ottawa.
  • Recording: FAP:O #7 (by Mike Vuckovic)
  • Handout: A proposal for an online magazine.

Jake started with an introduction drawn from Michele Wozny’s transcription of last month’s session and his own experience.

  1. Festival X
    1. THE main player in the space of making fine art photography important in Ottawa
    2. Stressed to get it done each two years
  2. Building on the Karsh Legacy
  3. Create a “conversation” – artists need to articulate their vision and engage with other artists and with interested public about it. Few artists ARE articulate about their vision so skills training and encouragement would be central.
    1. Encouragement
      1. FAP:O itself
      2. Online magazine project – handout of a class project in designing a magazine
      3. Michael Vuckovic’s photokibitz.com, where photographers talk about their work

Further discussion focused on


  1. Events to hook up with
    1. Festival X
    2. Nuit Blanche
  2. Venues for display
    1. Galleries
    2. Restaurants
    3. Street
  3. Events to create
    1. Street pop-up
    2. multi-venue festival in a small area of the city
    3. A grouping of photo artists by their expressed theme for group display a la London’s “Spectrum” photo exibit a few decades back.

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