FAP:O 1.19 – with Larry Weissmann

  • Date: October 14th, 2014, 6:30pm
  • Place: Pressed Urban Gourmet Sandwich Shop
  • Speaker: Larry Weissmann
  • Topic: Larry Weissmann presented “…not close enough…”, One man’s quest to find the meaning of life through photography. As well as describing his own use of the medium as both a tool for self-expression (the aesthetic side), and as a means of working for social justice (documentary), the talk also gave an  overview of the photographic scene from the 1950’s through the 80’s. Beginning photography in his teens and taking it up as a full-time pursuit when he moved to Canada in 1967, Larry was responsible for starting the first university photography course in Canada (York University).  His work has been widely exhibited and is in collections both here and abroad, including the National Gallery’s CMCP collection.
  • Recording:  FAP:O #19 (by Mike Vuckovic)
  • Web Site:  none

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