FAP:O 1.21 – with Louis Helbig

Beautiful destruction

  • Date: December 9th, 2014, 6:30pm
  • Place: Pressed Urban Gourmet Sandwich Shop
  • Speaker: Louis Helbig 
  • Topic: Beautiful Destruction book project.
    This December, Louis Helbig, in conjunction with Rocky Mountain Books, releases Beautiful Destruction “one of the most ambitious, provocative and unique photography projects to be published in years.”
    The 300 page book contains 200+ stunning aerial photographs of the world’s largest industrial project complemented by a dynamic collection of essays by high profile personalities Elizabeth May, Rick George, Bill McKibben, Ezra Levant, Chief Allan Adam and ten others. Each photo’s name is translated into Cree, Denesuline and English.
    Earlier this year the project became – at $43,000 – the most successful Canadian crowd-sourced art or photography project ever.
    Louis Helbig showed an advance copy of the book and discussed the evolution of the Beautiful Destruction project from his first aerial photo foray in 2008, when the tar/oil sands were largely unknown to Canadians, to its present incarnation – an art photo book – that is the first intentional effort, of any sort, to bring together a wide range of viewpoints around an issue that today – in 2014 – dominates Canadian and American headlines.


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