FAP:O 1.25 – with Tony Fouhse

Why Official Ottawa

  • Date: April 14th, 2015, 7 pm
  • Place: The Lieutenant’s Pump
  • Speaker: Tony Fouhse 
  • Topic: Why Official Ottawa 

    With his new work, “Official Ottawa”, Tony Fouhse looks at how the federal presence manifests itself in this city. He does this by stripping the capital down to its bones, photographing the architecture, functionaries and tableaux that only exist here because this is the seat of federal power. “Official Ottawa” is a look behind (or perhaps beside) the clichés, fairytales and myths that surround our city. He will talk about his motivations for creating this body of work.

    “Official Ottawa” will be exhibited this summer (2015) at OAG’s Annex gallery in City Hall.

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