FAP:O 2.02 – Show and Tell

October 27th, 2019, 2 – 4 pm
The Green Door Restaurant

Seven of us met today at the Green Door and five of us brought stuff to show and talk about. It was a lot of fun and I think we all learned something. I know I did!

Attending were: Ralph Nevins, Peter Coffman, Diane Laundy, Bill McCloskey, Richard Perron, Irene Tobis and Jake Morrison.  

Sunday afternoon at the Green Door was quite comfortable. The sound level was much better than at our first meet on a Thursday night so I think I’ll continue with – the last Sunday of each month – for a while. Do let me know what you think of this.

The next meeting will be on a theme. I hope to hear from you about what themes you might want. I’ll announce the theme and definite date of FAP:O 2.03 within the next two weeks.

So, what happened today?

  1.   Jake showed a few prints from the last rehearsal of the dance that he has been following. He talked about some first steps in making a book about the making of a dance.
  2.  Ralph showed a 3D printed image of one of his B&W slit-scan print made  as a “lithophane”, He showed a back-lit print printed to about a quarter inch thick with relief printed in (not carved out). He also showed us his mock up of a new colour slitscan camera that he has developed.
  3. Diane presented her and Peter Coffman’s new book of prints with resulting poems – The House the Spirit Builds .  They let the poet (Lorna Crozier) pick from a DropBox full of images and the images that she wrote about became the image choices for the book. We had a great discussion about collaboration.
  4.   Peter presented his new/old project of “Gloss”.  “Gloss” describes the annotations in text that people do when critically reading.  “Gloss” also describes the pretty picture that he makes which is juxtaposed to text written within the image that challenges the Beauty with an inconvenient reality.
  5.   Irene presented her vegetable prints with a laminated asparagus print.

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