FAP:O 2.07 – What am I doing with my photographic practice in these isolating times?

We had a great meeting last month on Zoom. There are many differences between the cozy gatherings at the Green Door but not all were bad, I felt that the medium was mostly successful. The sound was certainly better than at the Green Door! Visual contact was not as intimate but was certainly adequate. The recording was quite clear. Also, we had people involved who have not been able to make the physical meetings, one from as far away as New Zealand!
I think there is more need for moderation in a virtual environment – some people were hanging back, waiting for a space while others were ready to jump in at any hint of a space. It took about 15 minutes to get everyone on-board.
The content was wonderful! We are each being very creative in this time of Coronavirus.

  • Raymond Aubin told us about some films about photography at the International Festival of Films On Art – Le FiFA, which was being presented digitally that weekend. It included a film on
  • Glenn Bloodworth mentioned  10 Binge-Worthy Art Podcasts in the Age of Coronavirus
  • Richard Perron has signed up for a course from Magnum Photos by Alec Soth on Visual Storytelling to help him with his Grey Nuns project
  • Mike Vuckovic has been working with stock photography to fill out his wife’s website
  • Raymond Aubin talked about his latest iteration of making visual haikus. In this case he is putting together six images into a panorama but the six are taken at different times so the resultant image is a voyage through time.
    • He mentioned ptGui, the great stitching program.
  • Adrien Duey talked about welding objects and shooting them against his concrete backgrounds, made especially for the purpose
  • Reena Kokotailo talked about her trip to Mexico with John Hallum’s SPAO class
  • Guy Greaves talked about a Cuban friend – Willie Mendez Perez – who makes art out of found objects
  • Mike Vuckovic is looking forward to taking his large-format camera out without gathering a crowd of looki-loos
  • Michelle Tardiff talked about printing on fabric to make infinity scarves
  • Jose Gonzales talked about photographing trees

You can hear the recording HERE. Attendees will get access to the transcript.

Here are some links to things I’ve found interesting in recent weeks:

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